2.6.1 for Mac

Web Browser specifically designed for social media


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Flock is a multiplatform web browser that stands out because of the numerous relevant web services that it's integrated with like YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

Flock users get fast, direct access to any of those services. The motor graphic in Flock is Gecko, the same one that's used in Mozilla Firefox.

The sidebar in Flock is the base for this web browser. From here, you'll also get to access your Favorites and your RSS feeds.

Also, it has a number of tools that facilitate browsing:
-An online clipboard that allows you to annotate paragraphs, images, and links that you find interesting.
-A log editor that lets you write posts for WordPress, Blogger, or Livejournal, both if you're online or off.
-A mini-app that lets you add photos to Flickr, Facebook, and Piczo without leaving your browser.
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